About us

Officine Meccaniche Rossi

Our company specializes in the service and overhaul of cable excavators such as Ruston Bucyrus, Link Belt, American, P&H, Comet and other earthmoving machines and construction equipment (construction and construction equipment).

For over thirty years we have been assisting (marine) excavation and earthmoving companies in the repair of their draglines, providing technical advice and carrying out customised modifications.

We produce and supply spare parts such as sprockets, shafts, bushings, gears and we have an excellent friction material for brakes and clutches imported from America.

We build, on our patent, an excellent hydraulic or mechanical grab, we assemble pneumatic and hydraulic systems with tube winders of our own production for new generation cable excavators.

Our history

We are an industrial engineering company founded at the beginning of the eighties by the founder Mr. Rossi Johann, who inherited the old company from his father and converted it into a more dynamic company for the service and repair of earthmoving and construction machinery. Subsequently, for needs related to the territory (reclamation of lagoons, protection of river and sea banks, dredging of the river Po), the company specialized in providing assistance to maritime excavation companies by repairing their excavators, especially cable excavators (dragline), also giving technical advice and making customized modifications to excavation systems. Over time, therefore, it began to produce spare parts for excavators such as pinions, axles, bushings, gears and then designed and built an excellent biting grab (on its industrial patent) and this grab was chosen by the companies that excavated the Venetian lagoon for the construction of the Mose (Venice high water defense system).

Our Mission

Officine Meccaniche Rossi!

Produciamo e procuriamo ricambi: pignoni, alberi, boccole, ingranaggi e abbiamo un ottimo materiale d’attrito per freni e frizioni di importazione americana. Costruiamo, su nostro brevetto, un’ottima benna a mordente idraulica o meccanica, assembliamo impianti pneumatici e idraulici con avvolgitori di tubo di nostra produzione per escavatori a fune di nuova generazione.